Take it one day at a time: A new journey.

Introducing a new section: I´ve decided to introduce a new section to my blog, something a little different to what I usually do but still in relation to the theme of travelling and adventure. I have decided to name this section, as you probably guessed from the title, “One day at a time“. However, before I begin the section, I would like to take some time to explain why I have decided to do this section, the meaning behind the name and also why I´ve been MIA for the last few weeks. This is a personal story, in my eyes an inspiring story, but, in order to protect the privacy of the people involved, I will not be using their actual names.

Why “One Day At a Time”?: The expression take it one day at a time is hardly a ground breaking expression, in fact it has been around for centuries. It is a motto that so many people live by, especially in times of tragedy and despair. It´s uplifting and inspiring and allows you to see that no problem is too big if you break it down and tackle it one day at a time. About six years ago, when one of my uncles contracted a terminal illness, take it one day at a time proved to be all it´s cracked up to be. It allowed my uncle, and his family, to cope with his illness and see it as not the end of his life but instead a challenge to be faced and tackled. Back then my uncle was told that he only had a year to live, six years on and he is still here taking it one day at a time, not making plans but instead making the most of every day by spontaneous trips, travel and spending his time with the people he cares about and loves; his family. He has inspired all our family and since that day we all live by this motto and it´s just as well we do as it looks like we are in need of it again.

Sadly, last September, another member of my immediate family, who for the purpose of this section of my blog will be called P, became sick. In October, after a huge array of tests, they diagnosed P with a benign tumour in the esophagus, in December they corrected themselves and informed us that it wasn´t benign but in fact malignant. Since then, P has battled through severe sessions of both chemotherapy and radium and when I say battled I mean battled. He has woken up every morning with a smile on his face, through his sickness and his suffering he has remained positive, upbeat and as witty as ever. I have never witnessed anyone fight for their life in such a positive and courageous manner. He has the most amazing strength out of anyone I know and has taught me the most valuable lesson I have ever learnt and that is no matter how big the problem, no matter how much you have to suffer, you must always believe there will be a positive ending and never lose your sense of humor or your happiness. Sadly though, after all his suffering through radium and chemotherapy the doctors have informed us that the tumor has not decreased enough and that there is nothing more they can do for him as he is too weak for more treatment and an operation is out of the question, two surgical teams have turned down doing it as it is too dangerous an operation.

However, P being P, he has decided not to let this get him down, he is remaining positive and happy, truly inspirational in other words, and instead of sitting at home and drowning in his sorrows he has decided to, with the help of a wheelchair and his family, take it one day at a time and visit as many places in Spain as he possibly can. Places he had planned to visit before he got sick.

So what has this got to do with my new section? Well I am going to carry on documenting my Spanish trips, like I have done throughout my blog, however, this time the trips have more importance as they have been inspired by an incredibly courageous man and I never want to forget his passion for life or these trips. So whether we have a day left or, like in my uncles case, six years, right now that´s not what matters. What matters is that P is happy, with the people he loves and who love him and doing what he has wanted to do: see Spain. The only difference is now he is not planning to do it in the future but instead doing it one day at a time….

Take it one day at a time

So I hope you will follow my family and I on our brand new adventure and for all of you out there going through a similar journey, sadly nowadays too many people have to walk this path, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

As always, thank you for reading. I hope you are having a fantastic Sunday, wherever you are!

Until the next time,

Giana xoxo

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