How lovely: Look what´s come round again!

A big thank you to Eva over at Healthy Glow Nutrition for my second nomination!

It´s happened again, one more thing to remind me how great the WordPress community is. It´s hard to believe that I only started this blog a few months ago; I´ve made so many new friends through the community that it seems I´ve been here so much longer!

I have to say one of the best things about blogging, apart from being able to record my life journey, is the other bloggers. When I started this blog, as I mentioned before, I did so for myself; to help me remember all the key moments in my life and to share them with others.

Now; my blog is so much more to me. My blog not only helps me focus on the positives in my life but has also opened so many doors for me, it´s introduced me to so many amazing people all over the world who, without the blog, I would never have met. So thank you, my new-found friends, for your constant encouragement and support, it means so much.

Thank you to Eva over at Healthy Glow Nutrition for kindly nominating me, it´s an honour to receive a nomination from such a lovely person. I´ve only just come to know Eva but, from what I´ve read in her blog, she is a very talented blogger and, with Eva nominated, I´m in good company with my nomination.

Seven things about me:

Number one: I´m addicted to taking photos. I´m not a very good photographer, nor am I lucky enough to have a good camera.  I´m still dreaming of the day I hold a cannon digital SLR in my hands, any model will do, I´m not fussy – yet! But I love photos. I spend my whole life taking snaps, mainly because I have a terrible memory and fear I´ll forget but also because it brings me so much joy, it relaxes me. So; amateur and untalented as I may be, it makes me happy and I´m afraid I won´t give up happiness for anything!

Number two: I´m a book-worm who forgets everything I read! I´m afraid books are most likely wasted on me. I absolutely love reading, always have. I spend hours reading but sadly, I also spend hours forgetting. I wish I was one of those people who was able to retain everything I´ve read, I do try to train myself. I know my favourite books, I´ve read them over and over in an attempt to retain the content but still fail to retain it all. I will give you the jist of books but never retain the detail!

Number three: I´m a teacher. Most of you will know that but those of you who are new to my blog may not. I teach english as a foreign language: yes I´m aware that I should have a better grasp on the English language than I do, seeing as I teach it, but I´m getting there! Life is a constant learning path, what knowledge I lack now I will gain in the future but I´ll constantly be learning, nobody is perfect, nobody knows everything!

Number four: I dream of travelling the world. It´s always been my biggest dream to travel the world and some day I will! I have started in the most beautiful country so there´s no stopping me now!

Number five: I love dogs and miss mine so much! All through my childhood we had dogs, four dogs in total. Sadly they are no longer with us and I miss them so much. I wish I could have dogs again but sadly, with my lifestyle, it would be cruel to have a dog. I live in an apartment, spend a good twelve hours a day at work and at weekends I´m never at home. To have a dog you need to have time to spend with them and space for them to run about. So, for now at least, my doggie dreams are on hold but, hopefully, some day I will have them again!

Number six: I believe that you should treat everyone with the same respect you would like to be treated with yourself. Put yourself in the other persons shoes, how would you feel? If you wouldn´t like it, then why expose someone else to that kind of treatment. I´m not perfect, I´m not an angel but I do try my best to follow that step.

Number seven: I miss my friends. The only thing I would change about living in Spain is the distance between my friends and I. I´m blessed to have some great friends who always encourage and support me, especially in difficult times. So thank you for always being there for me, especially lately, you are amazing.

The blogs I have chosen to nominate:

Seeing as this is my second nomination, I have already nominated 15 blogs that I felt were worthy of the nomination, I will leave the link to the previous post here so you can see them.

Since my last nomination I have discovered some new blogs which I, for the want of a better word, stalk. However, most of these have been nominated several times for this award and feel like I would be plaguing them by nominating them again.

I have decided to mention a few, in no particular order, who have not received the award before but really do deserve it. So, if I have not mentioned you but you know I stalk you, that´s why; you already have the award!

Pseu´s Blog : a blog that has been nominated for several awards but, as of yet, not the “One Lovely Blog Award”.

What´s (in) the picture:a beautiful photo blog run by a photographer, Chris, who has the most impressive list of cameras I´ve read in a while. I´m not sure if Chris has been nominated before, I´m a new follower but admire his work.

Another day in paradise: a beautiful blog, run by a very caring woman, which has received numerous awards but, from what I can see, has yet to receive the “One lovely Blog Award”. 

Lonely Girl Travels:  A fantastic read, a newly discovered blog but instantly loved it, a great writing style.

Truantry:  Another new add to my reading list but a good one if I do say so myself.

Have you ever received a blog award? What do you think of them?

As always, thank you for reading,

Until the next time,



10 thoughts on “How lovely: Look what´s come round again!

      1. I bought the same book twice, both times with my husband. When we came home I started to read the book and was loving every page. I was almost finished when I yelled at my husband that I’ve already read this book. He laughed pretty hard!


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