Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

After a long hot summer the last two weeks in Córdoba were a welcome break for some, I say for some as I´m pretty sure I didn´t appriciate it as much as the natives! For two weeks straight we have experienced Cordoba´s equalivent of stormy season: lots of thunder storms and heavy rain.

As much as I love listening to the sound of the rain beating off my window when I´m all tucked up in my nice warm bed with my hot water bottle, and believe me I do love it, I was glad to wake up this morning to a nice sunny day.

I think what I love the most about heavy rain is it´s ability to completely change the atmosphere. The change from the high summer temperatures to the lower winter temperatures is never an easy change, in fact it can be rather shocking to the system. However, throw in two weeks of stormy weather and, while unpleasant at the time, it makes it so much easier. The air seems fresher, cleaner and lighter than before, granted it´s colder but there is something really nice about the cool crisp air.

So; with the rain comes change: a renewal of the atmosphere and the temperatures. To capture this renewal I have decided to share some photos of Córdoba after the rain! My way to celebrate it´s departure and welcome the new season. I hope you enjoy!

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What did you think of this weeks theme? Did you have fun with it?

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Time to face reality: I only have time for one post a week!

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I feel so blessed, as I´ve said numerous times before, that I have met so many nice and caring people through the blogging world. I´ve been missing for a while as I´m struggling to find a balance this work year between work, new courses I´m doing to improve my career, writing blogs and finding time for my family and for me. It´s times like this that I really wish there were more hours in a day but I have to learn that I´m only human and can only do so much, take a leaf from my own book, one day at a time, and learn to stop trying to achieve everything. Who knows maybe then, when I stop putting so much pressure on myself, I might actually achieve what I want to achieve!

I guess what I´m trying to say is I´m not telling myself that I´m going to write three posts a week anymore because what ends up happening is: I don´t get time to write three, end up feeling guilty and therefore end up not writing anything. So; I´m reducing my goal. I going to write one post a week as a minimum and if I get time I will write more. I think it might actually work out better for me, if I don´t have yet another deadline to meet then I might actually be more productive! We´ll see!

Thank you to everyone for being so patient with me and understanding that sometimes, no matter how much we love doing things, we just don´t have the time for our hobbies.

I´m starting out on a good note today, I came down with a bad cough and sore throat on friday which forced me to take a day off yesterday and do absolutely nothing. It´s funny how our bodies let us know when we´ve had enough even when we don´t realise it for ourselves. Anyway, today I feel all the better for it, I feel rested and ready to write. So I plan to make the most of this new-found energy and write a few posts, The first one, being this one, to explain my new approach to this blog, the second one being the weekly photo challenge as it seems to tie into my new start and the third one, one which is long overdue, an awards one to thank and acknowledge those of you who constantly support me, even when I don´t always have the same dedication as the rest of you; no matter how hard I try!

Okay, enough rambling, and time to get on with my writing but first a spot of lunch with some friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday, wherever you are, and that it´s a relaxing one!

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