Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Shadows

So, having had two weeks off from my blog, I´m having what you might call: withdrawal symptoms. I´ve a longing to catch up on everything I´ve missed while I was away – an impossible mission but I can only try.
Truth be told; I´m looking forward to this weekend when I´ll have the time to sit down and catch up on some of my favourite blogs, check out some of my new followers and catch up on some posts. It´s crazy, I´m so driven to get my blog back up and running but struggle to find the time during the week! So; all I can say is roll on this weekend.
As I was scrolling through my reader last night, when I should have really been sleeping, I saw Cee´s Fun Photo Challenge and I loved it. So; I decided to try to fit it in. I´m new to Cee´s Fun Challenge. I´ve seen lots of entries on blogs I follow and have been fascinated by the creativity of this challenge but haven´t been brave enough to actually enter myself.
That said, time to bite the bullet, get over my fear and enter the challenge. After all, as the title suggests, it is only for fun! So enough of my rambling and onto the challenge. I´m only putting forward three photos in this weeks challenge, all of which were taken on my holiday in Ireland, I decided baby steps were the best way forward!
So, here you have it – my humble entry into this weeks challenge. I hope you enjoy it!

So, there you have it, my humble entry into the challenge this week. If you liked it and would like to see some more, or you would  simply like to enter the challenge yourself,  then click here to be brought to the challenge page.

Hope you all are having a great day.

Thank you for reading and I will talk to you in my next post.

Giana xoxo

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