What a difference a day makes!- Las cruces in the sunshine.

In my previous blog, Las Cruces, I set myself an aim for the days to follow, a fairly simple aim – or so I thought – to capture the beauty of the crosses in the splendour of the Andalusian sunshine. However, with the turbulent weather we´ve experienced since then, I was beginning to regret setting myself the impossible task and, having lost the optimism I was consumed with in my previous post, had lost all hope of achieving my goal. That is up until lunchtime today!

At approximately one o´clock today, as if it was beginning to feel sorry for me, the sun decided to playfully peep its little head out from behind the dense blanket of clouds it had been snuggled up to for the last few days and bless me with the opportunity to capture a handful of crosses in their last few hours of glory! So, without further delay, here are the fruits of my labour: the crosses standing proudly in their beds of vivid colours set to the glorious backdrop of the Andalusian sunshine. I hope you enjoy them!

Plaza de TrinidadPlaza de la TrinidadPlaza de la Trinidad

 Plaza compañíaPlaza compañía

I only wish my pictures could do the crosses justice, but unfortunately, they´re something that have to be witnessed in person to appreciate their true beauty!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Would you like to go to Las Cruces?

Giana xoxo

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