Fèni Cafe – During “Los Patios” in Córdoba.

Feni café

So, as I have mentioned in a previous blog, Las Cruces, May is one of the best months to be in Córdoba. It´s a fun-filled, action packed month that celebrates everything typically Spanish, or Andalucían to be exact. This weekend saw the launch of yet another floral competition. However, unlike Las Cruces, Los Patios is a bit more personal. During Los Patios you visit people’s houses and view their spectacularly creative and colorful flower filled patios. Quite different, you could say, to Las Cruces where you happily roam the streets with a beer in your hand admiring cultivated crosses set in a bed of potted plants! Well, in any case, every year, for one week, a selection of proud patio owners, fifty-eight to be precise, open the doors of their quintessential houses and allow complete strangers to traipse through their beloved and well maintained gardens. It really is so Spanish!

Anyway, time to get to the point. I woke up bright and early this morning, all excited at the prospect of viewing these cultivated patios, only to open my blinds to the sight of black skies and torrential rain.  Honestly, I´m beginning to think the sun doesn´t like me very much, it never seems to come out when there´s an outdoor event I want to go to! Nonetheless, after briefly cursing the weather, I snapped out of my childlike sulk and decided to make the most of it, met up with my friend and her visitors – who unfortunately were leaving today- and attempted to view some patios.

Los Patios
Los Patios

Determined and high-spirited as we were, we braved the torrential rain – waterproofs, boots and umbrellas in tow. However, despite our best efforts, we failed miserably at our task, only managing to visit six out of the fifty-eight patios dotted around the city. However, I must admit, the patios that we were lucky enough to see were so amazing that it was worth getting wet for. Due to this, after our sixth patio, we were torn; we wanted to continue but, short on time and soaked to the bone, we accepted defeat and called it a day!

Los Patios
Los Patios

After a brief coffee stop to recover from the weather, my friend – her visitors having gone to the bus station at this stage – and I decided to get a spot of lunch. What better way to comfort yourself than to indulge in some delicious food?! We had being talking about visiting this new little café for ages, Café Fèni, and for some reason or other we never got around to it; so today seemed like the perfect day to try it!

Located in the center of Córdoba, on the left-hand side of Plaza Tendillas, is this trendy bar/ café. While Fèni Café is part of an old building, it´s interior is very modern, quite minimalistic yet quirky. The walls are a mixture of textures – exposed brick, mirror and glass – with huge picture frames filled with beer mats from around the world as the main focal point. The ceiling is also quite funky, two big long sheets of wavy chipboard covered with plywood set to a backdrop of plain white plaster. So original!

Now on to the food! While Andalucía is famed for its Tapas, sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find them here in Córdoba; so, as you can imagine, I was quite pleased when I saw them featured in this extensive menu! After a few moments of humming and hawing, I settled for a tapa of white bait in vinegar followed by an open toasted sandwich of salmorejo, beef and pesto – or green sauce as they call it here- and boy-o-boy was I happy with my decision when the food arrived!

Fèni Café
Tapas: White bait in vinegar and Salmorejo

The tapa of white bait, served on a bed of tomato purée and pesto, was delicious and surprisingly big for its small price of €2! Next, the main course, and all I can say is yum! A long, flat piece of bread topped with a thicker than usual salmorejo – a creamy tomato based cold soup mixed with garlic and thickened with breadcrumbs – succulent beef and pesto. An unusual but delectable combination of fillers for a sandwich, I think I may have a new addiction on my hands!

Open sandwich

Open Sandwich
Open sandwich topped with salmorejo, beef and pesto! Yum!

With our bellies full and our clothes finally dried out we dreaded the thought of facing the rain yet again; so we decided to prolong our stay in this stylish café and ordered two infusions! I do love my infusions, especially Rooibos, the smell is so good that it´s nearly a shame to drink it – nearly!

Roobios tea, a nice way to finish the meal!

All in all, while it didn´t turn out to be the day I had planned or expected it to be, it was certainly an enjoyable one! And, who knows, maybe tomorrow will be a better day, I might even get to see the patios in their true glory! The patios are open all week but, because I´m working, I won´t have the time to go visit them. However, I´m sure I will get to see them before the 13th! And, if I do, I´ll make sure to share the experience with all of you! 🙂

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Please let me know if you´ve been to Los Patios before! I´d love to hear about your experience!

Giana xoxo

While all the photos above are my own, the two of me, obviously enough, weren´t taken by me! Their credit goes to my dear friend, and talented blogger Carly! Just click on her name to check out her amazing blog filled with breathtaking photos!

5 thoughts on “Fèni Cafe – During “Los Patios” in Córdoba.

    1. It really is amazing, it´s just a shame about the weather we´re experiencing right now! Hopefully, if I´m lucky enough to experience it in the sun, I´ll get to write a more detailed post on it, with more pictures, might help you decide if it´s worth adding to your bucket list! 🙂 Which I´m sure it is! I´ve been reading your blog, I wish you all the best on your travels and I´m looking forward to see how you get on! 🙂 Are you excited? I know I would be if I were you!


      1. I hope the weather looks up for you to have a nice sunny experience! Thanks for reading my blog. I am so excited for my trip! Even though a lot of it is still up in the air with no real plans. Eek! I guess that’s all part of the excitement of backpacking, anyway. :]


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