How lovely: What goes around comes around!

The Lovely Blog Award

So as most of you know blogging is relatively new to me. I basically started blogging as a way of recording and sharing my experiences with my family and friends. I wanted to record the happy times in my life and I figured what better way to do it than through a blog. I must admit I love it. It can be difficult, at times, to find the time to create a post but once I start writing one I become filled with joy and excitement, I just love it. However, when I started this blog, I was completely unaware of the blogging community and how supportive and encouraging they are. Obviously I had read blogs before I started writing one myself but I had no idea how great readers can be. I´m truely blessed with the readers that visit my blog and the readers who constantly support me and come back and read my work time and time again, thank you, your support does not go unrecognised. You keep me motivated and inspired.

I would like to mention in this post as she is a perfect example of just how amazing my readers are, she nominated me for the lovely blogger award and since then I have remained speechless, something that is completely rare for me I must add! Her support means the world to me as I truly admire her blog and aspire to be as talented and as dedicated to my blog as she is! If you haven´t checked her blog out yet I truly recommend it, you won´t be disappointed. Right enough of my rambling, sorry it comes hand in hand with being Irish, and onto the point!

So ill proceed to copy/paste the rules that come with accepting this nomination:

* Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
* Share 7 things about yourself
* Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
* Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

Let the rambling commence, I hope you enjoy learning some more about me, I´m quiet excited to share!

Number one: I´m overly optimistic. I must say I have my parents to thank for this quality. My parents are the most amazing people I have ever met. I realise everyone says that about their parents but it´s true. My parents are my role models, no matter how hard things get in their life they remain positive, strong and happy. They stick together and fight whatever lies ahead of them with a smile on their face and some laughs along the way. They never give in, never let life beat them, they just carry on fighting and do it with such grace; it´s unbelievable. Thankfully, they have brought me up with the same the glass is half full attitude and through them I have learnt that if you can´t be positive and optimistic then you´ll never find the happiness you deserve! So the only thing I have left to say on this one is; thank you mum and dad.

Number two: I´m a perfectionist. This one is probably a negative quality. I´m a high achiever, everything that I set my hands to has to end up perfect, and as everyone knows nothing can ever be perfect! I have to give 100% of me at all times and, believe me, it´s tiring and emotionally draining! The saying I wear my heart on my sleeve couldn´t me more true when it comes to me but it motivates me and keeps me going. It´s just how I am!

Number three: I´m an only child. People automatically assume that because I´m an only child I´m spoilt and sheltered; I´m not. I´m an adventurous person just like my parents. I´m always curious about people and life and because of this I crave experiences and have never been sheltered or protected from experiencing the world.

Number four: I love to talk. I have my quiet moments, like everyone, but in general I´m a talker, in fact I rarely shut up! If I´m excited about something then I turn into a child, talk a million miles a minute and most likely will jump up and down in the process! Some of my closest friends refer to me as a rambler; I just consider myself Irish! It´s funny when I lived in Ireland I never realised how open we are as people, how much we talk and share with people but, since moving away, I´ve come to discover that Irish people are one of the most talkative nationalities in the world, well at least my friends and I are anyway, and I love that!

Number five: My favourite film; Beauty and the Beast. On the rare occasion that I´m down and find that I need to pick myself back up again the one thing that never fails is Beauty and the Beast. Since I was a child I´ve loved this film, it´s not exactly an intellectual film but it´s definatly an uplifting one! What better message than no matter what your faults are there is someone out there who will accept them and love you regardless…amazing!

Number six: I´m a dork. I love being silly, doing stupid things, being awkward! When I was younger I was embarrassed by my dorkiness but now I´m come to accept it´s part of who I am and I love it! You´ll always find me doing ridiculous things, cartwheels, dance offs, jumping around, basically anything to burn off the energy that´s built up in my body.

Number seven. I´m an obsessive coordinator. Everything I wear has to match, don´t know why! I match my nails with my eye make-up and both of those to my clothes, shoes and handbags! A bit weird I know but hey it makes me who I am!

Now time for my nominations! Each blog I´m going to nominate I truly believe is great and think that you should most definitely check out. They are not done in any particular order and I do not prefer one over any other they all are equally great and worth checking out!
















There are so many more blogs that I think are incredible but sadly this post only asks for 15. Thank you again to all my readers and I hope you´ve managed to stay awake during my post and even manged to enjoy finding out a few things about me!

Hope you´re enjoying your Sunday wherever you are!

Giana xoxo

13 thoughts on “How lovely: What goes around comes around!

      1. Going pretty good despite very sore legs from starting exercise again. Thank you!!!!
        I’m still green to the blogging community, I kinda just search around on the reader to find new inspiration. I like how people are awesome to give awards. =D It’s very touching, and I like to congrats those who get them. (^_^)


  1. Wow, congratulations! An outstanding award for an outstanding blogger, you deserve it! And I am more than flattered by the fact that you have shared the love and nominated me too. What a compliment coming from someone who has been so successful at this right off the bat. Thank you, I’m delighted, in fact, I am overjoyed. xx


  2. Oh wow, and I didnt think you could get any more interesting! I happen to be an only child too and Beauty and The Beast always makes a romantic-teary-eyed-mushy mess out of me that the “tough chick” in me is embarrassed by but tolerates one in a while. It also happens to be one of my dads favorites too, which brings me to another similarity: our respect for our parents.
    Thank you so much for that lovely acknowledgement and shout out, I didnt realize my blog was inspiring but its great to know and makes my heart swell 😀 lots of love to you, as always 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! I truly appreciate it and look forward to discovering new blogs! Your blog is lovely too! Congratulations on your award! 🙂 Nicole


  4. Thank you so much!

    And what a fantastic article!

    We’re quite new to the blogging community too, and we concur with what you said regarding how amazing and supportive the community really is.
    Because we are so busy we can’t always thank all those who have taken the time to comment on our community.
    We plan to thank them with an article like this in the near future.

    Regarding your own blog, we think it’s great!
    We can really feel your passion for Spain and that’s exactly how we like our Walkers to be – passionate!
    We would love to invite you into the WalkedThru community.

    So if you are interested in being one of our Travel Walkers, please get in touch!
    Feel free to contact me directly.

    Luke ‘SkyWalker’ Connelly


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