Summer Time at the Port!

It´s been a long time since my last post, I did try to do one sooner, but with the wrapping up of the last academic term, saying goodbye to the teachers and the commencement of a new intensive summer course; there hasn´t been a single dull moment since my last post nearly three weeks ago!

However, with things back to normal, I will be back on form with my usual two posts a week! Right, enough procrastination, time to tell you about my trip to Puerto De Santa María!

Holiday time!

By the time Friday rolled around, after what can only be described as a hectic few weeks, it was time to down tools for the weekend, escape from the intense Córdoban heat, 48 degree temperatures on a daily basis, and breath in some much-needed fresh air! My friend and I, who for the purpose of this post shall be named Pocahontas, excitedly embarked on a weekend long camping adventure, where you might ask; none other than the picturesque Puerto De Santa María or Playa de la Puntilla to be exact!

Playa de la Puntilla is a quaint little secluded beach, completely unspoilt by tourism and high-rise buildings, which is located in the province of Cadiz. It was my first trip to Cadiz, famed for it´s sunshine and beautiful beaches, and I have to say I was overwhelmed by its ruggedness. It was nothing like I had experienced before.

Playa de la Puntilla

Ever since I was a little girl I´ve loved the experience of going to the beach. When I was a child I was lucky enough to spent every summer in Ballybunion, a little seaside town in Kerry, Ireland. There has always been something about the sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the smell of seaweed that has had a relaxing effect on me. Ok there is a point to all this I promise, stay with me, I´m getting to it!

For me, even though I´ve been to countless numbers of beaches in my life, nothing has ever compared to Ballybunion! For those of you who know Ballybunion you probably think I´ve lost my mind but it has just always held a special place in my heart. I have so many good memories there and I just love how it has never changed, remained untouched by time, how the beach seems like it´s never going to end and how the waves crash off the cliffs as the tide comes in, amazing!

I wanted to show you an image of Ballybunion but I don´t have one, they are in Ireland. So I took this image from google. If you click on the photo it will bring you directly to the page I took it from! 🙂

Nothing until now that is! The moment I stepped foot on Playa de la Puntilla I was in love! Like Ballybunnion, the town is nothing special, pretty much like any other beach resort to be honest but the beach; the beach is something out of this world! Unlike every other beach I´ve been to in Spain this one has remained completely natural, not a single sun lounger or parasol in sight!

The beach is surrounded not only by a protected nature reserve but also a beautiful port. While you may not find sun loungers or parasols here you most definitely will find palm trees, a woodland area and a beautiful bay sounded by rocks. It is not the longest beach in the world, in fact it is actually quite short but it is definitely the widest beach I´ve ever seen, it seems to take forever to get from the entrance all the way down to the shore but it´s definately worth the walk!

Playa de la Puntilla

Unlike other resorts, there are no temporary huts selling drinks and ice cream, at extortionate prices may I add, to been found along this beach. There is however the cutest little restaurant right on the beach conveniently located under the shade of an enormous tree, magical!

“El Castillito” nicely tucked away under the shade of a tree!

“El Castillito”, the restaurant, is famed for its fried fish and having tried it myself I can see why! The tuna salad was tasty and fresh, the squid was the perfect texture and the pomfret soaked in vinegar was mouth-watering! What a way to spend the weekend!

Our abode for the weekend was the beautiful campsite: el Camping Playa Las Dunas. I say campsite but in reality it was like a luxury resort. I´m new to camping, the outdoors lifestyle was something I was never a fan of, but after a weekend stay here I can honestly say I´m a convert! The pool was better than any I have experienced in any hotel I´ve been to, so clean and inviting. We had a lovely little spot amongst the trees overlooking the rest of the campsite which can only be described as a woodland area with tents and amenities carefully dotted around it! It´s peacefulness was astonishing, it felt like we were the only ones there when in reality there were hundreds of people or so it seemed when it came to checking out! The queue was never-ending!

El Camping Playa Las Dunas; dotted amongst the trees!

I have to admit the trip couldn´t have come at a better time for me. It was just what I needed to catch my breath after a hectic few weeks! Although I enjoyed every minute of it there was a bad part and that was that it came to an end!

Come Sunday evening it was time to leave and it was horrible! That´s the thing with me and beaches, I never want to leave them! I suppose that can be said about everything you love in life, leaving it behind is heartbreaking! But it had to be done so; I sucked it up, put on a brave face and sang my heart out on the car journey home with Pocahontas!

But I vow here and now; I will be back, just watch this space!!

Hope you have enjoyed my post and much as I enjoyed my mini vacation! Seeing as, as usual, my words do not do Playa de la Puntilla the justice it deserves I´ll leave you with a Slideshow; enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you ever been to Playa de la Puntilla? What did you think of it?

As always, thank you for reading!

Giana xoxo

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