Come walk with me: Córdoba

So as you may know, if you are a regular reader of my blog, I have been living in Cordoba for over a year now. It seems crazy to me that it´s been that long already. To me it feels like it was only yesterday that I stepped out of my parents car into the enchanting furnace that I now call home! I say furnace as last friday the weather dials that are dotted around the city recorded a high of 55ºC, how much faith I have in those dials I cannot say but I can tell you this; it felt like I was cooking as I ventured out to my local shop for supplies! No wonder my furry visitor decided to pop by, my lovely air-conditioned apartment would be a dream to any creature in this heat!

Anyway, the point of this blog – sorry my ramblings always seem to get in the way, what can I say? I love to ramble – is to show you some of the sights I walk past on a daily basis, basically to take you on a walk through the city with me! I had planned to do this in June as a way of celebrating my one year anniversary here but, as you know from my previous posts, life got in the way! So I´ve decided that today, being a holiday, is a perfect day to go for a walk around my city with you. So put on your most comfortable walking shoes, grab some water and let´s go!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope that through this slideshow you can get a feel for the incredible city I live in. Obviously I have left out lots of beautiful streets and places, if I included everything then what would I have to write about in the future?

Anyway, enough procrastination, time to make myself a cup of tea and tackle the big pile of corrections that is staring at me ever so daringly from my kitchen table!

Hope you´re having a great day wherever you are!

As always, thank you for reading, until the next time…

Giana xoxo

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