Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far.

I really love this weeks photo challenge, so much so that i´ve decided to get involved, something a little different for me I know but they do say change is a good thing!

Once I read the title so many ideas came rushing to my mind, it´s such a broad title that my imagination instantly ran wild. First I thought about relating it to my new series, One Day at a Time, as, in my mind anyway, it works perfectly with it.

Then I thought of my friends and family who are not in Spain, the people who are always near because they have a huge place in my heart, they always support me and love me, even from afar. I thought it would be a lovely way to pay tribute to them.

Then I started thinking about places I´ve visited and photos I´ve taken during my time here in Spain. Places like Finestrat and the beautiful backdrops which surrounded the entire village, they were all so near and yet so far. Alicante and the views from the castle. And finally Almodóvar, the village and the castle.

With so much to choose from it left me staring blankly into space trying to decide which would be the best. Then I figured there is no rule which states that you cannot do more than one challenge, in fact several of my favourite bloggers post more than one. So I´ve decided that´s what I´m going to do!

So here is todays challenge: Almodóvar.

Looking Forward, the spectacular view of Almodóvar del Río on the way up to the castle.
A beautiful image that reminds me that while what´s near and facing you might not be full of life, what´s to come makes it worthwhile!
A striking image of beauty both near and afar!
Close enough to share in the beauty that lies between them, far enough to keep their thoughts to themselves!

The journey up to the castle is most certainly a breathtaking one. It took me over half an hour to get from the foot of the hill up to the castle, not due to the distance but rather the sheer beauty there is to behold on the way up. The setting truly is picturesque. With the tone of the upward trek being set by the charming whitewashed houses of Almodóvar del Río contrasted against the spectacularly rich spring colours of the mountainous countryside and the ruggedness of the various pathways meandering their way up the hillside; it´s hard not to be blown away by what the area has to offer.

To check out the rest of my piece on Almodóvar just click here.

To see what other bloggers have come up with for this weeks challenge click here.

Have you ever been to Almodóvar? What did you think?

As always, thank you for reading,

Until the next time,

Giana xoxo

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far.

  1. Beautiful images! I’ve been to Spain more times than I can count — all of my husband’s family live there — but Cordova (and environs) is a total unknown entity to me. Looks like I’ll need to correct that!


    1. Thanks Jeni, Córdoba is a really beautiful area. I´m blessed with the fact that I have family in the Alicante region and I live in Córdoba. It means that I have so much freedom to travel around both areas! Thank you for taking the time to comment, I hope you enjoy learning about Córdoba and hope that you will get to visit there some day! G.


      1. I live in Canada, which is tremendously geographically diverse just by virtue of its size — the province I live in takes two days to drive through, end-to-end. I’m always amazed at how varied the landscape in Spain is, though, for being a much smaller land mass. Even La Rioja, which is itty-bitty!


      2. That sounds incredible. Unfortunately I have never been lucky enough to visit Canada but really hope to some day. Friends and family that have been there have said so many good things about it! I plan on touring Spain first, as I love it, then spreading my wings and experiencing more of the world!


  2. Hi! Happy you are happy living here! The good thing of Spain is that you can find almost any anything in a “small” place: mountain, beach, cities, desert, villages, medioeval history, modern history…
    Love your pic…Actually, I have never been there….


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