Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

This weeks photo challenge has been a tricky one for me; I had visions of photos of solitary people matched with this stupid inability to actually take them! I don´t know why; but I feel that if I take a picture of someone, even in a public place, that I´m somehow invading their space and privacy. I need to get over this, I truly do, as some of my favourite photos are of people. I love facial expressions, fine lines and wrinkles, eyes, posture, mannerisms, I love it all. To me a photo of a person is beautiful, always, as it captures so much more than just a moment; it captures a life story, especially in older people! So; basically what I´m trying to say is that this week the photo challenge really was a challenge for me, I found myself sifting through my countless albums and failed to come up with anything that truly grabbed my attention.

In the end I settled on a few different shots, five in total. I do like these shots but the quality isn´t the best! I hope you enjoy them, if I do manage to overcome my fear then I will post again during the week! So without further delay, here they are:

Theme one: People.

This was a shot taken in the Sierra Morena one cool and crisp morning last February.
Again, this shot was taken in the Sierra Morena, once the morning fog had lifted!

Theme two: Animals.

This image was taken at Córdoba Zoo.
Again, this was taken at Córdoba Zoo.

Theme three: Bikes.

Taken at the start of summer in Córdoba!


So that´s it, for now anyway! Hope you enjoyed my three interpretations of this weeks theme. If I manage to take some more shots, I shall post them during the week!

To see what other bloggers have come up with for this weeks challenge click here.

 What did you think of this weeks theme? Did you have fun with it?

As always, thank you for reading,

Until the next time,



17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

    1. Thank you Alexandria, delighted you liked them! I took them on my phone, a htc, and then used an application called Fotoroom to add the frames! I´m a little bit addicted to it, makes such a difference to every picture! Having a htc phone meant I couldn´t get instagram so I researched the next best thing and that was Fotoroom! I´m not sure if you can get it on a PC though, if not try snapseed it has the same features but it´s for PCs! Hope you had a great weekend! G 🙂


      1. Thanks a lot. I do use Apple but have not ventured into instagram. My daughter said I should never even go there or I will be gone forever! With the huge array of pics on my PC I’m hesitant to venture elsewhere. But I love to see what others have done.


  1. I’m not participating in the weekly photo challenge but if I were, for this one, I would have headed down to the local jail to get a picture of someone in solitary confinement. I’m thinking the jail guards would have said, “Uh, no.”……………lol


  2. Thanks Giana. Beautiful images. My favorie is the first. A look of peace, happiness and beautiful dreams at the same time. I’m like you, I feel guilty when taking other peoples faces, particularly strangers although they seem to give the most moving images. Yes, it’s like invading their private , unguarded moments. I too need to overcome this. Have a wonderful weekend.


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