Weekly photo Challenge: Near and Far.

I have to say I´ve really stretched the most I could out of this weeks photo challenge but to be honest, I couldn´t help it! It was such a good title that I couldn´t resist. You´ll be happy to know that this will be my last post on the challenge, is that a huge sigh of relief I´m hearing? Thank you for your support for the last three posts I featured and I hope that you enjoy this one just as much!

Today my family and I were lucky enough to visit Cartagena, a beautiful marine city located in the province of Murica in the South of Spain. It was another trip on our new adventure, One Day at a Time. In anticipation of my post tomorrow I decided to share two images with you that are perfect for the theme near and far. So without future delay, in other words before I start rambling too much and bore you to death, here are the images!

An impressive view of the mountains taken from the port!
Another splendid view of the mountains, aren´t they just exquisite?

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Have you ever been to Cartagena? What did you think?

As always, thank you for reading,

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10 thoughts on “Weekly photo Challenge: Near and Far.

    1. They really are gorgeous and they surround the entire area, not just Cartagena but also the nearby villages. There is just something about mountains that I absolutely love, I think it must be their ruggedness and their character! I´m glad you loved the pictures and I hope that some day you get to visit Spain, it´s a wonderful place! Thank you for your comment, G 🙂


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