Weekly Photo challenge: Everyday Life

This weeks photo challenge is a great one: everyday life. So many ideas, yet again, came rushing to my mind for this challenge, some of which I have managed to complete, some of which I have failed. However, I shall post my favourites out of the photos I have managed to take / find from my stash, but if I manage to take more before Friday then I shall post again! Ideally I would have loved to capture some more street life ones, I had fabulous visions in my head of the photos I would take, sadly I was unable to reach my goal, but the week is young yet! So sit back and relax as I share with you my finds! Enjoy!

Theme one: Street life:

This is a photo I took on my phone back in April, I was on my morning power walk when these two nuns appeared in front of me and there was just something about the combination of early morning light, their dark clothes and the street that I loved, I couldn´t resist taking a photo!
This image is a recent one, one I took yesterday. I was captivated by the narrow little street with it´s old world atmosphere and beautiful mountain view. The children playing on the ground in the background just adds to the character of the photo! I love it!
The three stooges. This is another shot taken yesterday in the beautiful town of Orihuela. It´s a little blurry, sorry, but I just loved the relationship between these three boys and needed to snap it quickly before the car beside me ruined my opportunity!

Theme two: Market life.

Markets are a huge part of the everyday life here in Spain. Everyone and anyone can been seen at them and I just love the buzz you feel once there!
One of the proud stall owners hard at work. The colours are just fantastic aren´t they?

Theme three: Nature.

A beautiful image of a wild horse that I took on an early morning walk through the sierra. You can´t get more everyday than wild horses, there were also some wild bulls but I decided that it might be a little bit too risky to try take a photo of them!

So that´s it, for now anyway! Hope you enjoyed my three interpretations of this weeks theme. If I manage to take some more shots, some of the ones I had dreamt up in my head, I shall post them during the week!

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 What did you think of this weeks theme? Did you have fun with it?

As always, thank you for reading,

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo challenge: Everyday Life

    1. Thank you, thats both a good and a bad thing. Good because I´m obviously doing something right to make you miss this amazing country! Well, I can´t really take the credit for that, it´s this country, it would be impossible to make it look bad! Bad because you are not here to enjoy it! Thank you for such a lovely comment and I hope you get to enjoy Spain someday soon! G 🙂


  1. A vibrant, colorful, relaxing everyday life in a place where people have a happy, welcoming heart. Beautiful images that makes you want to just take life slow and enjoy every moment of it. Thanks.


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